Matthew Tosh

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Matthew Tosh

Matthew is a science communicator who has lived-experience of congenital heart disease. He loves empowering researchers to communicate their work effectively and engage with the public. He has coached early-career researchers and students around the world, most notably with FameLab International Masterclasses and as a regular guest at Monash University in Australia.

As a presenter, he regularly visits schools to talk about careers, mental health and the science behind fireworks. Elsewhere, Matthew advises on risk and safety for science shows, demonstration lectures and television productions.

For many years, Matthew was a keen runner and skier until being diagnosed with ARVC in 2023. A near-miss with death and a life-changing diagnosis have given Matthew an insight to the challenges that patients go through, not to mention the fear and sense of vulnerability that creeps in for anyone at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Such first-hand experience has boosted Matthew’s resolve to use his engagement skills and experience of working with researchers to ensure that the public are on board and patients’ views are represented.

In his spare time, Matthew is a keen campanologist and loves making bread.