Whole Population Data

Better use of nationally-collated, structured, coded data: accessing, improving and using linked, national, population-wide health data.

What do we mean by whole population data?

Structured data refers to health information that is captured in a structured way. For example, there is a ‘drop-down’ box that a doctor completes with pre-set information. This would include electronic health records, such as at the GP and hospital.

What are we doing?

We are improving the accessibility of high-quality, linked healthcare datasets at UK population-wide scale for cardiovascular research. This work is driven by the NIHR-BHF CVD-COVID-UK flagship project looking at the relationship between COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease.

This project has resulted in NHS England’s Trusted Research Environment for England. This has linked de-identified health records for 96% of the English population in a secure environment, enhancing privacy and security of data, allowing important research questions to be answered to improve treatment and care of cardiovascular patients.

Areas of work

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