Kay Murray

Public Member

Kay Murray

Kay has been living with Type 2 Diabetes for over 12 years, and scores high on ‘at risk category of cardiovascular disease.

She is an advocate of a more holistic approach to health problems and interested in finding links between related health issues.

Since retirement, she has been involved in various voluntary role within Diabetes UK.

These currently include membership of the Grant Advisory Panel, which provides a lay perspective to selection of Grant awards. She has also been part of a group analyzing the cost of diabetes, as well as acting as a mentor to recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetics.

She has a considerable interest in supporting research to find solutions to health issues, particularly in prevention and improving patient awareness and self-care.

She also believes that it is vital that patient and public insights need to be an integral part of strategy and implementation plans.

Prior to retirement she was Director of an electronics and computing company involved in research related to radar and sensor testing.

Her current interests include Geography, playing table tennis and narrow boating.