Jackie MacArthur

Jackie MacArthur


Doctor Jackie MacArthur is Senior Scientific Programme Manager in the BHF Data Science Centre.

Jackie works to deliver the Centre’s objectives; to improve the public’s cardiovascular health through the power of large-scale data and advanced analytics across the UK.


Prior to joining HDR UK in January 2021, Jackie was project leader of the GWAS Catalog at EMBL-EBI. This involved strategic planning, coordinating and managing the Catalog’s development, along with leading the Catalog’s curation team. Jackie also worked to improve reporting and sharing in genomics studies. This included developing and publishing reporting standards, and promoting sharing.

Jackie has a background in human genetics, with a PhD from Nottingham University.

During her research career she spent over 9 years studying human genetic variation and its contribution to disease, including at the Sanger Institute and University of California San Francisco.