CCU074: Improving the accuracy, equity and efficiency of using healthcare systems data for recruitment to a clinical trial involving people with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus: a simulation study in the “Covid era” using the CVD‑COVID‑UK dataset

Project lead:
Alice Hosking, University of Edinburgh

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we and other researchers would usually invite people to take part in research either in person or by post, using basic information held about them in their electronic health records. These methods can be slow or inaccurate. More recently, studies have used more detailed information in health records to accelerate COVID-19 research[2]. We want to use detailed information in health records to identify people to take part in a study of ICH. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic fewer people were admitted to hospital with stroke compared to the three previous years. It is unclear why this happened and if patients can be identified in the same way as they were before the pandemic.

We want to find out if using detailed information in health records might help us:

  • identify people with ICH who could be invited to take part research, and understand if this has changed during and since the pandemic
  • identify people who have not been well-represented in research in the past, and see if the pandemic changed how we can identify these people for research.