CCU039: Greater Manchester Vaccine Equity Study

Project lead:
Ruth Watkinson, University of Manchester

Mass rollout of several highly-effective Covid-19 vaccines has helped prevent severe cases of Covid-19, protecting against hospitalisation and death. However, uptake of Covid-19 vaccination has not been equal across the population, potentially exacerbating existing health inequalities and leaving some communities more vulnerable to the severe impacts of Covid-19.

We will use statistical analysis to identify inequalities in Covid-19 vaccine uptake, looking at differences by income deprivation, ethnic group, and geographical area. In each case, we will look at inequalities in vaccine uptake within vulnerable groups (defined by age and clinical vulnerability) as well as overall inequalities. We will also compare inequalities in Covid-19 vaccine uptake to inequalities in seasonal Influenza vaccine uptake to ask whether inequalities differ from those for routine vaccinations. Finally, we are also interested in exploring whether there is regional variation in the extent of income-related inequalities in vaccine uptake.

This research is part of a larger project which also includes interviews and focus groups with members of the public and professionals involved in the vaccine rollout to better understand the drivers behind unequal vaccine uptake.

Better understanding of inequalities in vaccine uptake can inform policy aimed at improving access to and uptake of vaccination.