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Stroke Data Science Catalyst

What do we mean by the ‘Stroke Data Science Catalyst’? More than 1.3 million people in the UK have had a stroke, which can have devastating consequences for patients and their families. Scientists hope that findings from the research… Read more

Diabetes Data Science Catalyst

What do we mean by the ‘Diabetes Data Science Catalyst’? The Diabetes Data Science Catalyst will support research of relevance to both diabetes and cardiovascular diseases through the use of health data science and advanced analytics such as Artificial Intelligence. Read more


What do we mean by ‘enhancing cohorts’? A cohort is a group of people who take part in a research study. These people will be asked to take part because they have a certain disease or characteristics in common, for… Read more

Clinical Trials

What is a Clinical Trial? A clinical trial is a type of research study involving people where a treatment or treatments are compared to gather evidence about what is the most effective to treat or prevent a disease. The treatment… Read more

Defining Disease

What do we mean by ‘defining disease’ and by ‘phenotypes’? A phenotype is a characteristic of an individual which can be seen or measured. Examples of phenotypes include height, blood pressure, whether someone currently has or has had a disease… Read more

Smartphones and Wearables

What do we mean by ‘personal monitoring data’? Personal monitoring data refers to information that is collected by wearable devices, such as health-tracking mobile smartphone apps and fitness watches. There are two types of personal monitoring data, active and passive:… Read more


What do we mean by ‘unstructured data’? Unstructured data refers to health information that is not organised in a pre-defined way – for example, there isn’t a pre-set ‘drop down’ list of options that the doctor clicks on. Examples of… Read more

Whole Population Data

What do we mean by whole population data? Structured data refers to health information that is captured in a structured way. For example, there is a ‘drop-down’ box that a doctor completes with pre-set information. This would include electronic health… Read more